Franchot with his brother Jerry and father Frank.

Franchot with his mother Gertrude.

Franchot with his father Frank in Gatineau.

Parents & Sibling

Frank Jerome Tone (1868-1945)-Franchot's father

Gertrude Franchot Tone (1876-1953)-Franchot's mother

Frank Jerome "Jerry" Tone (1901-1977)-Franchot's older brother

Franchot and Joan

Franchot and Jean

Franchot and Barbara

Franchot and Dolores


Joan Crawford (1906-1977)-Franchot's first wife

Jean Wallace (1923-1990)-Franchot's second wife

Barbara Payton (1927-1967)-Franchot's third wife

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  • Hollywood Starlet: Barbara Payton

Dolores Dorn (1934-)-Franchot's fourth wife

Franchot with wife Jean, niece Karol, and sons Pat and Jeff.

Franchot with his sons Pat and Jeff.


Pascal "Pat" Tone (1943-)-Franchot's son

Jefferson "Jeff" Tone (1945-2005)-Franchot's son


Franchot has grandchildren, but I will not post information about them here out of respect for their privacy.


Franchot with brother and father