Quotes by Franchot

"I feel more relaxed on the legitimate stage because, after all, on the legitimate stage the actor carries all the burden of creation at the time of performance. He need have no fears of what may happen to his performance, because it is right there. It is much easier to relax with the results immediate, than when they are quite a way off, and in the hands of so many other people." -F.T., 1939.

"I let myself get tabbed as a dilettante, a fellow who was just in pictures for the fun of it. Hollywood takes itself seriously, doesn't understand the light touch in connection with a career. The biggest stars in town never have a frivolous thought, never take time out to enjoy a laugh at themselves." -F.T., 1942.

"Maybe I was born with a perverse streak, but I like to sit on the sidelines occasionally and get some amusement out of watching my fellow creatures. I work hard enough when I work and I like to loaf on the grand scale when I loaf." -F.T., 1942.

"I was a leading man making an outrageous salary. But I was jealous of character actors with three-line bit roles. At least, they enjoyed their work. Most actors pay too much attention to the size of a role anyway. One good, biting scene is worth more than hours of drivel. Well, I got older, and eventually I reached a point where I looked ridiculous bounding through a bay window with a tennis raquet in my hands. I went into television at a time when the industry was hungry for movie names. I could be demanding. For instance, when one video producer offered me the romantic lead in a murder mystery, I held out for the role of the killer—a marvelous psychopathic character—and got it."-F.T., 1962.

"I’ve never had any setbacks. I’ve always lived in the style to which I’m accustomed. I’ve never been out of work. Most important to me, I have never had to take an acting job that I didn’t want to do."-F.T., 1966.

"If I ever had an image, it was the playboy, the white tie and tails, the elegant fellow with the good tailor. That was my image for the mass movie audience. But not for the theater audience. They saw me as an actor. Now my television image is the character actor. And then they see my old movies on the late show and I'm the rich playboy again."-F.T., 1966.

"I'm a gambler, and gamblers sometimes lose. A man's got to live. I've had a full life, with no regrets. There was so much bad publicity, I couldn't defend it; so I've never had my day in court. I think I'll just pass it up. People all over the country tell me they're on my side. I'll settle for that. Well, you can't kill a guy for falling in love, and I've always let them make an honest man of me."-F.T., 1952.

"I'm proud that I've still got the best to come. I'm proud of "Strange Interlude" and "Uncle Vanya" and "Bicycle Ride to Nevada," which the critics roasted. I'm proud of some of the movies I was in. I'm proud of a half-hour GE Theater on Charles Steinmetz. I'm proud of my Mark Twain on a Playhouse 90. I'm proud of "The Old Cowboy" on The Virginian. And I'm going to be proud of Ben Casey."-F.T., 1966.